On Monday (Oct. 2), the Atlanta City Council voted 15-0 in favor of decriminalizing the current marijuana law. The amended law will make possession of up to one ounce of marijuana punishable by a $75 fine and no jail time. The current law carried a penalty of up to $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.

Big Boi, Killer Mike, 2 Chainz, and others shared their celebratory thoughts about the unanimous vote on social media. 2 Chainz wrote, “Mannnn this will save so many young people from bullsh*t charges that later haunt them,” while Mike posted a video saying, “Bravo, Atlanta city council.” Big Boi wrote, “ATLiens up!” as he shared the screenshot posted by 2 Chainz.

Mayoral candidate Kwanza Hall introduced the ordinance to the city council back in March 2017.  The council’s approval of the amended law helps in ending the disproportion of Blacks citizens affected by the rule. Councilman Hall regurgitated these sentiments as well.

“Today we stand with every parent of Atlanta who is fearful of or has seen their children’s lives destroyed, or careers ruined because of a racist policy that unjustly incarcerated minorities by more than ninety percent. Currently, we are seeing families torn apart. We’re seeing young people lose their scholarships, we’re seeing people become unemployable, all because of possession of less than an ounce.”

Atlanta’s current Mayor Kasim Reed also acknowledged the new rule via Twitter and says he’s ready to sign it into legislation.