Madea made an hilarious appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.

The character made famous by Tyler Perry appeared at the podium answering questions as Trump’s White House communications director.

In the skit, Madea confirmed if she actually voted for Trump. “Hell, no. I didn’t vote for Trump. Only two black people voted for Trump. One was Ben Carson and the other one is the man behind him at the rallies with the sign that says ‘Blacks for Trump.’ I’m not one of them. I voted for Hillary three times. Thank you very much.”

When asked about the administration’s handling of disaster relief, Madea said, “Well, have you looked at the administration? It is a disaster. And I’m the relief. Next.”

Madea continues to make her rounds in the movies. Up next, is her sequel to Boo, which hits theaters on October 20.