It isn’t often that we cap for Tamar Braxton, but for this situation she deserves a hand clap. On Monday, the R&B singer-reality television star was on a promo run for her new album, BlueBird of Happiness, when Tamar let it be known that she gave a wardrobe stylist the boot.

Apparently, Tamar’s choice to rock a Forever 21 camo jumpsuit, which cost $40, wasn’t luxury enough for her stylist. So, as she known to do, Tamar took her frustration out on Instagram and let her followers know why she fired the stylist.


The stylist today tried to make me feel “less than” because he didn’t agree that I should wear @forever21..well.. I FIRED him because NO ONE should make you feel “less than” because you have on a $40 outfit!! How AWFUL!! 😰 my clothes make me?!🤔.. NEVER!!!… Be confident in WHATEVER u have….Wear, are, and CHOOSE to be or afford!! You BETTER walk in confidence no matter what shape, size, or financial situation!! You are AMAZING and don’t let ANYONE bully you into spending what you have.. or NOT.. it doesn’t make you ANY LESS FABULOUS!! You make the clothes!! Your SPIRIT makes you!! EMBRACE YOU!! YOU ARE PERFECT!! NO MATTER WHAT!! #LOVEYOU thank you @fashionbombdaily for posting AND knowing that’s it’s about THE GIRL!! #bluebirdofhappiness🐦💙

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Tamar was right about not letting clothes make you. No one should ever feel like the more luxury, high-end name brands you are wearing is what makes you stand out. Just because it’s designer doesn’t mean the clothing is better or more stylish!

Despite this minor hiccup in Tamar’s life, she’s currently out promoting her new (and last) album BlueBird of Happiness.  Since its release on September 29, the album has already surpassed her sister Toni Braxton’s single as the Most Added Song (“Blind”) on the Adult R&B Album – Billboard charts.

BlueBird of Happiness is in-stores and online now.