“If it ain’t about the money…”

After news broke about Joe Budden leaving the very popular hip-hop news/debate show “Everyday Struggle,” the vocal-yet-problematic emcee finally goes into detail about why he departed.

While on his own “Joe Budden Posscast” show, Budden explains that Complex wasn’t paying enough for what he’s worth (in terms of the hip-hop culture). He tells his cohorts Rory and Mal that, although he signed a contract and was up for renegotiation, he realized that sponsorships were beginning to flow in (i.e. Spotify) without seeing a percentage from the incoming revenue. As someone who spearheaded the idea for the precedented debate show, Budden understood how much value he added as a creator and should have been financially compensated properly for it.

Check out his full explanation at https://youtu.be/fGNUImBuwt4 .

It will be interesting to see how “Everyday Struggle” fairs without ole Budden. As for now, Complex has issues a farewell message and says that the show will go on into 2018 with Akasemiks, Nadeska and…who knows.