Former NFL Network wardrobe stylist, Jami Cantor, has a filed a lawsuit against NFL Enterprises with claims of sexual misconduct. Her lawsuit also names former NFL players Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb, Heath Evans, and former NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger.

Cantor worked for the network from 2006 through 2016. She claims she was repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment. Weinberger supposedly sent her “several nude photos of himself and sexually explicit texts” and pushed his crotch up against her, asking her to touch it.

Additionally, according to Complex,

Cantor “accused Faulk of asking her “deeply personal and invasive questions” about her sex life and of touching her inappropriately. She accused Taylor of sending her “sexually inappropriate” photos of himself and a video that allegedly showed him masturbating in the shower. She accused McNabb of sending explicit text messages to her and Sapp of purchasing sex toys for her for Christmas. She also accused Evans of sexual misconduct.”

The network has since suspended Faulk, Taylor, and Evans while pending the investigation.