In a letter sent to members of the American Motion Picutre Academy, the board has urgently implemented a standards of conduct policy. The policy is detrimental considering the current state of Hollywood and the influx of sexual misconduct allegations.

According to Deadline, “Governor and Academy officer David Rubin led a “task force” of members as they researched and drafted the document after consulting with “professors of ethics, business, philosophy, and law from Georgetown, Harvard, Notre Dame, and Stanford, as well as experts in human resources and sexual harassment.” They also met with the Television Academy and BAFTA and reviewed other codes of conduct from similar organizations.”

The letter also states that the “task force will finalize procedures for handling allegations of misconduct, assuring that we can address them fairly and expeditiously.” Read the entire letter below:

Several of Hollywood’s power players have succumb to numerous allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the past month or so. It’s good that the Academy is working to help prevent these things from happening in the future. However, it is unlikely that this type of conduct will change overnight.