JAY-Z’s music video for “The Story of O.J.” brought to life an animated Jim Crow-era character name “Jaybo,” which is now being trademarked for reasons unknown.

As reported by TMZ, JAY-Z’s S. Carter Enterprises recently filed documents to trademark Jaybo, a character inspired by Sambo (featured in “The Story of Little Black Sambo,” a children’s book released in 1899 and Dumbo (a Disney character from the 1941 film that included racist stereotypes).

It will be interesting to see how Jaybo will be utilized. There are many creative ways to use the character and give its historical connotation a whole new meaning.

The song and video for “The Story of OJ’ was intended to create a grander dialogue – beyond the past – that inspires all to be great (and not hindered). “The Story of OJ is a song about we as a culture, having a plan, how we’re gonna push this forward. We all make money, and then we all lose money, as artists especially. But how, when you have some type of success, to transform that into something bigger, States Jay-Z in a interview with iHeart Radio.

“The Story of O.J” is buzzing for the upcoming Grammys. The song is nominated for Record of the Year, Best Rap Song, and Best Music Video. The Grammys air on January 28.