Lupita Nyong’o is channeling her energy as an author in a new book dedicated to young black girls and the handling of colorism.

According to reports, Nyong’o is striving to empower children with darker skin and teach them values that they can live long productive lives with.

On Wednesday Nyong’o posted to Instagram a few details about the book. She says it will focus on a young girl named Sulwe that struggles with her skin color and goes on adventures which will help her grasp the idea of what beauty truly is.

Sulwe, or “star” in Luo, is a 5-year-old Kenyan girl who tries to overcome her insecurities about having darker skin compared to that of the rest of her family members. With guidance from her mother, Sulwe takes a fantastical journey through the night’s sky that helps her embrace the beauty of her skin as reported by the New York Times.