Beyonce wants in on the Valentines Day gift buying frenzy. She’s released a plethora of items on her website that features some of her hottest lyrics and portraits.

The Yonce Valentine’s Day collection features a phone case with “Bey Mine” written on the back among drawings of cherries (a nod to her song “Blow”), a black hoodie with “Rocket Til Waterfalls” (a line from her song “Rocket”), a baby pink, candy heart reminiscent t-shirt with “All Night” on the front, a t-shirt featuring Beyoncé in costume and doing the dance from “Baby Boy” on front with the text reading “Fulfill My Fantasies,” a line from the same song, a pair of red booty shorts with “Bootylicious” to name a few.

To purchase your boo a little piece of Beyonce, visit

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