The recent accusations of sexual misconduct against Russell Simmons has urged Oprah Winfrey to delete the hip-hop mogul’s quotes on meditation from future editions of her book “The Wisdom of Sunday’s”

Per Page Six…

The decision, made by Winfrey and her publisher Flatiron Books, was disclosed to the New York Times on Wednesday.

The book, first published last October, is a collection of excerpts from conversations between Winfrey and guests of her OWN network series “Super Soul Sunday.” Simmons’ conversation about the impact of meditation on his life was included alongside excerpts with Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert and Elie Wiesel, among others.

Editions of the book in stores next month will no longer include the Simmons section, according to the publisher.

The Times reports that the decision to excise the Simmons chapter was disclosed  during its interview with a Flatiron spokesperson. The spokesperson would not specify when Winfrey and the publisher had reached their decision.

Over 10 women have come forth, in recent months, to accuse Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct. Most recent, filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik filed a $5 Million lawsuit against him.

Simmons continues to deny the allegations.

Source: Page Six

Photo credit: Getty Images

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