In the past decade, urban entertainment has evolved into a billion dollar market. Its crossover success into the mainstream has helped push a huge infatuation of bling, stacks of money, big houses, fast cars, fashionable clothing and more. In the midst of this hysteria, the perception of the entertainment industry is causing distress on young adults that look to make a living by working in this line of business.

People can find many entertainment related publications on newsstands or in local mom and pop shops that cater to the urban youth. But there’s not one magazine that solely takes on the responsibility to report, teach, and supply the necessary information to help this audience sustain financial stability in their careers from the beginning to the end.

STACKS Magazine is that vital source.

STACKS Magazine provides the right resources to readers that wish to create and uphold their financial power.

STACKS Magazine caters to the new and seasoned players in the entertainment industry. We equip our readers with valuable information that will facilitate their upward movement in Music, Film/TV, Fashion, and Sports, while establishing creative value and monetary wealth.


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Ms. Bels