Thanks to rapper Rick Ross, the chicken wing chain Wingstop is breaking bank on Wallstreet.

In its initial public offering, Wingstop Inc. raised over $110 million. Shares shot up 61 percent on Friday ($19 a share to $30.59 a share). Although chicken spots or “fast casual” restaurants are nothing new to Wallstreet, Wingstop is the first (we believe) to capitalize off of the notoriety of a hip-hop celebrity.

Thankfully, Rick Ross’ venture into the “fast casual” food business has been a profitable one. He has over 20 locations across the U.S. and will open up more for sure. The MMG CEO has been successful at cross-promoting the Wingstop brand through music videos, interviews, and special events.

In case you missed his discussion with Forbes regarding the Wingstop business, read Rick Ross Talks “Wingstop” Numbers with Forbes.


Wingstop has 750 locations around the U.S. and 5 locations in other countries. In 2014, the franchise opened 100 new stores.