The season four finale of “Power” left everyone shook. Even though the final three episodes were leaked, in which creator Courtney Kemp says left her “devastated,” millions of viewers still tuned in to see STARZ hit drama series end with a bang.

On the season finale, Tariq turned into a full-out gangster! The grief from the lost of his twin sister Raina left Tariq and the entire family ready to kill whomever committed the crime. Ghost and Tommie killed a few of the drug cartel’s henchmen, but it turned out that culprit was Ray Ray. In the end, Tariq rolled up on the crooked cop first and shot him.

While the bloodshed, Tasha’s sacrifice and the re-emergence of Ghost, Tommie, AND Kanan gave viewers a hint of what to expect on Season 5, Kemp drop a few spoilers to Deadline revealing a lot more.

“That’s up to STARZ, but you know, I would like to make some really big moves. The plan is to make some huge moves and some huge cast changes in Season 5, for sure. So the show, at the very least, is going to transform into something slightly different as we go forward.”

Kemp also hints that we will see more characters killed off in season 5 and possible relationship rekindled.

“Look, no one’s been safe on our show for quite some time, but obviously, the main characters have had longer lives,” she stated. “We are reaching the end of this journey, so the main characters are less safe than they have ever been before. So, of course, it can get worse, because no one’s been caught for anything yet. You know, there’s always another way that things can go badly on Power, but then also there might be some great joy and some great success. People might come out ahead. I don’t know. Maybe two of our characters are going to fall back in love. Who knows?”


Too bad we have to wait ’til 2018 to see what truly transpires.

What are your projections for season 5? What will happen?